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         We are pleased to offer Group Savings!

Women's Retreat, Bachelorette Party, Girls Weekend


We Help You Create Special Memories


Celebrate your event by hosting a Spa Party.  Great for many festive occasions - Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers, Weddings, Anniversaries, Reunions, and Holidays.  Everyone deserves a break from the stress and chaos of their daily lives. 


Bring all of your Family and Friends together for a relaxing, rejuvenating, and
fun-filled experience.  Personalize any Bridal event with memorable Spa Treatments for everyone in the wedding.  We can help you effortlessly turn any gathering into an
extraordinary day or evening.


One call to us can result in the privacy and convenience of having our luxurious Treatments brought to you door, whether it be your home, vacation rental,
hotel suite, or office. 


If time is limited, Gift Certificates are available to complement any Special Occasion.


Show Staff and Clients Your Appreciation


Companies everywhere have discovered the benefits of wellness in the workplace.  Massage Therapy is encouraged as a way to attract and keep
Employees, while also keeping them productive.  Additional, it is a terrific way to

make Clients feel important.


We understand how the workplace impacts bodies and minds.  Our Therapeutic Massage Sessions brought to your office are specifically designed to identify and treat areas of the body typically affected in an office environment. 


They can be provided in either one of two ways: on one of our massage tables or
at individual desks while seated.  We do not provide Chair Massage.


Staff and Clients feel valued knowing that Management has provided them with
such a rewarding benefit.  Consider adding Spa Quality Treatments to your next
Office Party or Promotional Event to ensure it being both interesting and successful.  


Gift Certificates are also available as a great way to recognize a job well done. 



Family Reunion, Week-End Geraways
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