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Session Times & Prices   


60-min.  $145      75-min.  $175      90-min.  $205     120-min.  $265

Cash, Venmo,  and Zelle Accepted

Classic Treatments
European Massage

Traditional European massage to relax muscles and improve circulation, the perfect way to unwind and relieve muscular tension.

Therapeutic Massage

Firmer pressure massage, where slower concentrated movements and techniques are used to release specific tension areas.

Hot Stone Massage 

Massage combined with heated stones which add an extra element of tension relief and relaxation to the session.

Prenatal Massage   

Massage customized for the special needs of both mother and baby.  Provided on a special prenatal body pillow that allows
expecting moms to receive a safe and extremely comfortable massage while lying on their stomach for part of the session.



Holistic Treatments   (Minimum session for each is 60-min, except meditation)

Somatic Experiencing 

This modality is especially helpful for folks with trauma, chronic pain or autoimmune disorders. For more detailed information:

Stress, Overwhelm, and Trauma of all kinds live within the tissues of our bodies. This can leave us feeling dis-regulated, triggered, frantic, shut down; not our full, alive selves. Connection and trust to our internal experience can feel lost. Somatic Experiencing is a mindful therapeutic process encouraging you to orient to your internal experience and build a relationship with your body and nervous system. You will become more familiar with how the body speaks and build capacity to listen and be with your internal wisdom, re-establishing a sense of TRUST from within YOURSELF.  Together we will encourage your natural state of flow, reacquainting you with the empowered sense of your aliveness and freedom that has always been yours to live.


Using gentle touch and specific supportive holds, Craniosacral Work coaxes the nervous system into balance by supporting the internal resources within the client’s body. For within a supported stillness, achieved by slight manipulations and gentle holds, a familiar essence of being is remembered; wholeness, ease, and flow are reintegrated. A deeply physiological approach, the meninges (connective tissue) within the brain encompass the spinal cord and innervating nerves, thus, a client’s whole fascial system is interfaced by these supportive holds and cranial manipulation. 

CBD Massage (+ $30)  

Organic, herbal CBD creme reduces inflammation, calms anxiety, reduces chronic pain, eases tension and promotes healing.

Massage Cupping

After a targeted massage session a variety of flexible, silicone cups are applied.  Using
negative compression, these further release your fascia, tight muscles and other congestion. 

Reiki   (Japanese meaning Universal Life Force)
An energetic technique for stress reduction and relaxation.  It promotes healing along with
an overall sense of well being physically and emotionally.  Hands are placed above the body,
so there is no actual physical contact during this session.

Meditation   (30-min. add before any treatment )

For individuals or groups, this 30-min. guided session will give you the opportunity to explore the internal space of the body through fundamental consciousness.  Meditation brings awareness to our bodies and encouraging stillness of the mind, we are paying attention on purpose without judgement. Developing presence is an ongoing practice, one we are eager to help you cultivate. 

Enhancements  $30    (15-min. add to any treatment)


          Somatic Experiencing (30 min see description above)
          Hand or Foot Massage    (optional hot stones)

          Head, Neck, and Shoulders    (optional hot stones)

          Head/Scalp Massage    (optional essential oil)


      Massage +30

      Muscle Salve Product

                   2oz Jar $60


Spa and Wellness
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