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The Oregon Coast is absolutely exceptional inspiring us to offer a comparable amenity.  Our On-Site/Mobile Spa treatments are designed to both pamper and revitalize you.  It's a convenient option, especially when you're traveling with young children or pets.  Gone is the stress of having to navigate through crowds to drive or find parking in town.


We carefully listen to your treatment goals providing you with a Customized Session, being both relaxing and therapeutic.  We strive to exceed your expectations.


Cannon Beach Mobile Massage allows you the freedom to truly unwind.  We look forward to being a part of
your Amazing Coastal visit!




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Having traveled and lived throughout the World, I appreciate the magnificence of the Oregon Coast.  I love it here, feel a sense of community and am glad to call this place my Home.


I am a graduate of Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, earning a Bachelor's degree in Human Kinetics with specificity in Kinesiology/Exercise Sciences.  I chose to continue my education in Massage Therapy at East West College of the Healing Arts, becoming State certified (#21204) and furthering my understanding of human movement and body therapies.

I pride myself in being a highly adaptable Therapist with an integrative approach to massage and bodywork.  Depending on your specific needs, I tailor each massage session.  Then, by incorporating beneficial techniques and modalities I help you achieve progressive results.  My skill set encompasses both Relaxing and Therapeutic Treatments.  I find that through this combination, you gain the best possible experience and outcome from your session.


I also greatly understand the importance of having ease within your body.  The ability to move freely without pain is priceless.  It enables us to do the things we love and to reach our goals.  My objective is to meet you where you're at in your own health journey.  I encourage balance, vitality and growth, while holding a space for your individual healing needs.






For years I had a successful mobile massage practice along the Laguna Beach coastline.  I relocated
to Cannon Beach being drawn by its energy, diverse beauty, and wonderful dog friendly atmosphere.  
I feel incredibly fortunate to live here!


I'm a Nationally Certified LMT (#404404-00), along with maintaining my OR License (#20137) and AMTA Insurance.  Before transitioning into Spa Therapies, my practice was mainly therapeutic at chiropractic and naturopathic offices.  My expertise includes relief from chronic pain/tension in the head, neck, shoulders,
and back; migraine headaches; TMD; Sciatica/Piriformis Syndrome; and Fibromyalgia to name a few.  I also specialize in other alternative healing methods.


I believe in blending spa amenities with therapeutic modalities to ensure you receive a more thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial session.  Being trusted as your Therapist to be a tremendous privilege.  I look
forward to providing you with a higher standard of excellence throughout any of your treatments with me.


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