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                                       We've got anwers - let us help...

On-Site Massage at Beach

What are the Qualifications of your Therapists?


All of our Therapists are Professionals, who are Oregon Licensed and AMTA Insured.  They only provide
Treatments in which they have been trained and have experience.  By utilizing a variety of techniques and modalities, they consistently provide a Customized, Spa-Quality Therapeutic Session. 

How much lead time is needed to schedule a Session?


You have the best chance of receiving your Treatment on your preferred day and time with more advance notice. 


We appreciate the importance of spontaneity when vacationing or relaxing and strive to accommodate same day Appointment requests.  

We value your business and always return calls as soon as possible.  Please allow for the fact that we aren't able take calls while in Session. 


How long is a Session?


Our typical Sessions are available in 60, 90, or 120 minute increments. 
They begin once you are comfortable on your Treatment Table.


When scheduling, please allow for an additional 15 minutes before and
after your appointment time for both setting and packing up.  


Sessions will be charged for the entire scheduled length, even if you choose to end
before completion time.


Is there a Cancellation Policy?


Yes.  There is a 24 hour Cancellation Policy for Groups, Parties, or Events, where 4 Hours
or more of Session time has been reserved.


You must Cancel within the applicable  time frame to avoid being charged for the full
amount of those scheduled appointments.


Please, as a professional courtesy, if you have to cancel a smaller Appointment, we would
appreciate as much advance notice as possible.







In-Room Massage on Hotel Balcony

Are 30 or 45 minute Sessions available?


Yes.  They are available with a scheduling minimum of 2 Sessions.

We hope you understand that anything shorter would not be time or cost effective.

In-Home Massage in Backyard

What is the Tipping Etiquette for receiving an Outcall/Mobile Spa Session?


Tipping is a custom that allows you to express appreciation for a job well done.  While tipping
is at your discretion, here are a few suggestions:


It is customary to tip your Therapist between 10% - 20% of the Treatment charge.  

Also when determining a tip amount, you may want to consider if your Therapist exceeded your expectations and/or accommodated your request on short notice.







What Payment forms are accepted?


We accept Cash and US Checks, along with all Major Credit Cards.  if you choose to use a
Credit Card, please have a valid Driver's License or Passport available for identity verification.



Are Gift Certificates available?


Yes - Quick and Easy.  No driving, fighting for parking spaces or waiting in long lines.  In search of
the perfect gift that won't be returned or exchanged, then look no further.  Our Gift Certificates make a thoughtful present for your Family, Friends, and Co-Workers.  They are can be purchased in any amount by phone or in person for all of our Treatments.   Gift Certificates.

What is expected from Our Clients?


We trust that Our Clients will treat us with mutual professional courtesy and respect.  Open communication between You and your Therapist is essential and encouraged.  Your questions and concerns are important to us.  Your feedback is key to experiencing the best Session possible.



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